The Spaenaur Catalog

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In 1936, founder, Roy C. Spaetzel traveled across Canada to take orders. He quickly realized there must be a better way. So, in 1938 he launched the very first Spaenaur catalog – done by hand, in the cut and paste method of that time!

The brand new, 66 page catalog was delivered to automotive maintenance customers across Canada.

So much has changed – but Spaenaur remains committed to our customers, bringing you quality products and assisting you in purchasing the right fastener for your project.

The Spaenaur Catalog is available in many different formats to suit your needs. You can request a print catalog, download the full catalog, scroll below to find the individual sections of the catalog, use the search box, or flip through the catalog online.

Order a Free* Printed Catalog

Contact customer service to request your complimentary* copy of the Spaenaur Catalog.

(*Shipping charges apply to catalogs sent outside Canada.)

View Our Catalog Online

The Spaenaur flip catalog is a digital replica of the printed Spaenaur Catalog. Use the table of contents, the search box and bookmark the items you need. 

Download Full PDF

1702 page PDF a digital version of our printed catalog.

Due to file size, we don’t recommend downloading it to your phone, smaller file sections can be downloaded below.

Download Sections of the Catalog PDF’s - read below

We have created individual files for easy download on your mobile device or easy to save for your individual project builds or fixes. *If you want the full Spaenaur Catalog download it here.*